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as much as 20 degrees in terms of the temperature with these thunderstorms. thank goodness for that. i think what we have here, we have so much heat, so much humidity that these storms -- we punched a hole through the atmosphere and creating showers and thunderstorms. there's a weak disturbance passing through. if it was 95, 96 degrees outside, we wouldn't be talking about these thunderstorms. i don't think they will be able to form. this is what we are talking about. most of them go to 5:15 and 5:30, we'll show you that here in just a second when we get over to the radar system. i'll outline those warnings for you. as we zoom in, is this what we're talking about. there is cooler air coming out of threes particular storms. great falls just outside the beltway approaching 270 on each side of the river basically here in vienna. as we switch over to our radar. i want to show you the larger
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picture here. they are not moving much, but they are moving and there's a lot of heavy rain under those and the possibility that there could be hail, too, and some very, very gusty winds. now, this is the warnings that we have. for the district and for arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties, severe thunderstorm warning until 5:15. that's a fairly small storm, but it has a big footprint. it's touching those counties in some places. we have more storms back out to the west. this will go until 5:30. frederick, virginia. warren county and those under the severe thunderstorm warning until 5:30. this was a storm i was just showing you on max hd radar. as we zoom in a little bit. this is to the northwest of the beltway in great falls right along the river there. you can see getting a healthy dose and this is drifting toward mcarthur boulevard. we can see the street level
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view. we take you back out 66 because between winchester and front royal, is this a severe thunderstorm, too. the drift on this storm has been basically to the west and it's not moving very quickly and as we use the radar to look at these, that storm is getting a pretty healthy updraft. the other storm is a very strong updraft as well. all these storms about equally as strong. the possibility of hail and very high, gusty winds approaching 50 to 60 miles per hour. but most importantly, it looks like they are trying to bring some cooling relief. we'll send it back out to shawn and sue outside. not because of the extreme heat, but nice cooling that is coming out of these storms as well. >> we're going to give you the ground truth on that. shawn and i can't believe how better it feels and now you know what a thunderstorm does in the atmosphere. it balances it. the storms are firing up because of the intensity of the
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heat. would you like to guess whthe h >> 101. >> 102 in dc. we think we may have been warmer than that. baltimore's high was 107. and dulles was 105. unbelievable and as we expected, those heat indexes were up and over 120. i saw one at 121 and that's the first time in many years in d.c. we had a heat index that hot. pavement is still hot here in northwest. remote thermometer is sensing 137 degrees. that is going to retain that heat. we saw it for a second there. we're going to move on and show you the temperatures because where it has rained, we are getting relief and grateful for that. all this cool air coming up from aloft and while we have the triple digits, it has dropped into the 80s. we look at the heat index as well and it's high. over triple digits, especially east of dc. if the thunderstorms continue to work their magic, shawn, we are going to get a little bit
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of relief tonight. unfortunately, we do cook this big mess up again tomorrow, up to 102, and we have an excessive heat warning that will remain in effect for saturday. it's been a long time since we've had three days in a row at 100. today at least 102, if not warmer. probably going triple digits again tomorrow. >> record today or no? >> i think it will be a record in d.c. that climate logical report will come in in 20 minutes. the warmest we have seen is 102. and 107 for baltimore, unbelievable. definitely not just a little bit into the record books, way off the charts. >> take it easy. thank you. tonight we are also following developing news out of fairfax county. a kindercare bus full of children collided with a bus. 12 children, three adults were taken to a fairfax hospital as a precaution. all of the adults were told and one child suffered minor
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injuries. no word on the cause of that accident. back out here live in northwest d.c. brutal heat and humidity can reek havoc on a person's body. it is keeping dc fire and ems crews very busy today. bob shows us how the city is coping. in dupont circle this afternoon, emt's from engine company 16 have been called to help a man suffering from chest pain. clearly heat related, he'll be going to the hospital. one of many transports for the d.c. fire and ems department. >> last couple days, we average 300 calls a day. most of those calls are ems related. we take close to 300 people to the hospital every day. >> down on the mall, even the sites are seeing red. toirss from across the globe baking in this heat wave. >> what do you think of our weather today? >> it's amazing. it's not what we have expected. so we are blown away. >> how hot is it?
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we asked john wade taking a midday jog. >> hot like louisiana. >> trying to get heatstroke? >> no. i thought i would take on the challenge. >> of course there are plenty of cooling stations along the mall. we call them museums. here at air and space, today is mars day with special exhibits on our neighboring red planet. the next furthest from the sun. >> how cold is it? >> a lot colder than it is here in washington today. it's probably right near the e equator. >> tell that to the many cabs working through this heat wave. >> the more you make pains about it, the more you talk about it, the hotter it's going to get. >> our guide calls himself mohawk 21. >> stay in the shade, keep the wind flowing in. >> another one working under the hot sun, later carrier,
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dwayne. we caught up with him. he'll be watching for the science of heatstroke or heat exhaustion. >> cramp, nausea, headache, fatigue, dizziness, things like that. >> do you suffer them? >> sometimes i do. you know you need to take a break. hydrate, get in the shade, get in the air-conditioning right away. >> what is this here? >> it's sweat dripping down. >> totally understandable when at 2:31, the temperature rage read 104 degrees in dupont circle. of course letter carrier says the key is to replenish your fluids and we don't live in arizona. we don't live in florida. we know it's only going to be a short time before things get better and if we get rain, it's going to feel better pretty soon. >> i'm feeling a few drips out here right now. also yesterday dr. oz told us personal spritzes are good. >> bob, it's a serious issue, but if you can cool off, stay
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cool. our coverage is far from over. let's send it back inside to laura evans. >> thanks. we'll see you in a bit. this extreme heat not only oppressive, but it can be dangerous. imagine what it can be like for your pets. she is live in chevy chase. stacey. >> well they have nice fountains here. you'll see a person or a pet run through this, but actually many pets are at danger and prompted montgomery county to enforce -- it has been a busy day for jeanette, the suffocating heat is leading to an avalanche of phone calls about unprotected pets. montgomery county is not allowing owners to keep any dogs tied up outside and calls are pouring in about dogs in danger. >> we are in a weather emergency, okay, so you can't
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have the dog outside unattended. >> and then there's these pretty kitties. they were stuffed into a card board box. they very nearly died. >> they managed to tip the box over to get cooler. they were panting pretty heavy. i have not seen a cat pant that heavy. these cats would have died. with the extreme heat index outside, it can take minutes for an animal to die from heatstroke, especially indirect sunlight with no water and these guys being as small as they are. >> if you see an animal in distress, call the police. those kittens are being held for five days and then they will be up for adoption. laura, back to you. >> nice to hear they are okay. stacey, thank you. this extreme heat comes at the worse possible time for a much anticipated civil war program. this is the 150th anniversary of the first battle of manassas
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with four days of events at the manassas battlefield park. now because of the weather, the national park service is change some of the events. it canceled all of today's outdoor programs from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. although the behind the lines tour that starts at 6:00 will be held as scheduled. more changes due to the heat to tell you about. trash and recycling crews in dc will continue next week to make their collections one hour earlier. nay are hitting the streets at 6:00 a.m. all week next week instead of 7:00 a.m. and just want to remind you, there are many cooling centers open in d.c., maryland, and virginia. we have a list of them. also on our website, you are going to find strategies for staying cool. saving money, and signs of heat exhaustion. just click on our headline for heat wave coverage. and coming up here on fox 5 news at 5:00, terrifying moments as terrorists target two separate locations in norway. we are taking a closer look at
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what fueled this violence. next. keep it right here on fox 5 news. we're coming right back. 
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we are following breaking news out of norway where terrorists attacked and killed more than a dozen people in a country until today has been immuned to this type of violence. fox 5's paul wagner is following today's developments. there were two separate attacks here.
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tell us what happened. >> laura, late this afternoon, a bomb ripped through several government buildings housing the office of the prime minister and his administration, killing at least seven. the prime minister was unharmed. 50 miles away at a youth camp, a gunman dressed as a policeman opened fire, killing as many as nine people. one man is under arrest and police say he is linked to both attacks. the prime minister was working at home when the bomb ripped through buildings at a house -- leading newspapers. most of the windows in the 20 floor high-rise where the prime minister work was shattered. the explosion was caused by one or more bombs. ian dunn ton duntan it sounded like an earthquake. the uk and nato quickly condemn
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the bombing, calling it dispickable. at the youth camp, a witness told norwegian broadcaster, he saw very many dead by the shore on the camp on the island where the youth and labor party was holding a summer camp for hundreds of young people. police are trying to get an overview and could not say whether there was more than one shooter. the attacks come as norway grapples with a home grown teroplot linked to al-qaeda. two suspects are in jail. it's the peaceful nation's worst violence since world war ii. laura. >> thank you. we are staying on top of this developing situation in norway tonight. joining us now to put the terror attacks in perspective is daniel, he's the deputy director of the homeland security policy institute at george washington university. thanks for coming in tonight. first i have to ask you, why norway? i was most surprised hearing that when i heard the news today. >> yeah, certainly it could be the terrorism indictments.
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also that there's a suspected terrorist in that country who has been given an asylum since 2005 and the government has been trying to extradite them ever since. the bottom line is, we don't know the answer. you're right, norway is a peaceful country, but also a vulnerable one. that's what we have to realize. terrorists take the path of least resistance and norway may have been that target. >> i wonder if there's a shock factor, too. >> of course. the goal of terrorism is to terrorize and here's a country who, you know, been an ally of ours, part of the nato mission in both afghanistan and libya and frankly is going to be a target and it looks like today was the day unfortunately. >> police believe these attacks are related. do you have any insight as to why? they are so different, the bombing that we see, the result of downtown oslow and at a camp. why do they believe these two
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are related? because of the timing? >> the timing is the most obvious factor. these are both terrorist tactics that have been used previously by al-qaeda and al- qaeda inspired groups. what happened in mumbai in 2008, killed over 150 people. that's a mass shooting, bombings are a common occurrence in iraq and other places where al-qaeda is used vehicle born explosive devices. >> what kind of planning went into this? obviously more than one person. >> right, it's very sophisticated attack and another reason to suspect that there's a larger terrorism network involved here. it's unlikely that a single dure durageed individual -- as well as carry out this attack. two-prong attack, both very different methods, potentially by the same individual. we know there is one person in custody. but frankly this is a lot to be
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concerned about. >> very much so. does this trigger copy cats quickly? are you concerned about that? >> well, i would say if i was a european nation right now, that it is equally vulnerable. they don't have the same security standards we have in place. i would be very concerned. i would want to take a look at security measures just as we did after oklahoma city in 1995 and the 9/11 attacks. it's no surprise you can't drive in front of the white house any longer. we wouldn't allow that and that's what happened here. it's their government building that was unfortunately hit by an explosive device. >> very sad day in norway. daniel, thanks for being with us. >> you bet. we are following developing news on capitol hill. late this afternoon, the senate announced it will not take up a house bill to reauthorize the federal aviation administration. the agency's money runs out at midnight. a partial shutdown will begin. as a result, 4,000 workers will
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be furloughed. work on construction projects will be halted. airlines will continue to fly and air traffic controllers will remain on the job. the upside to this, tickets will be cheaper since airlines will not have the authority to collect federal taxes. now to the latest in the news of the world phone hacking scandal, james murdoch is under claims he misled british officials during a hearing on tuesday. fox's greg has the latest from london. >> british lawmakers zeroing in on james murdoch and his testimony during tuesday's news of the world phone hacking scandal. officials say he may have misled the panel. when he said he was not aware of an e-mail, which would have shown more than one journalist was involved in the illegal phone tapping. >> it is significant because it shows that others were involved in hacking phones at the company and that there was knowledge of transcripts of hacked voice mail messages by at least one and probably two
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other journalists at the time. >> david cameron whose government is spending criticism for hiring, andy coalson agrees. murdoch could face further questioning. >> clearly james murdoch has questions to answer in parliament and i sure he will do that. >> cost one of the top british tabloids. >> james murdoch was made aware of this in 2008, it means that the entire evidence given to the initial inquiry was not just misleading. was completely inaccurate and also could mean that a crime was covered up in the company and that's a very, very serious matter. >> both james murdoch and his father, rupert murdoch, the ceo and chairman apologized before lawmakers on tuesday. rupert murdoch calling it the most humbling day of his life. in london, fox news. >> news corps is the parent
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company of fox 5. coming up on fox 5 news at 5:00, a major step forward in the push to give same sex marriage the green light in maryland. we're following this story up next. 
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still no deal to raise the debt ceiling. the senate voted down a deal that would bring deep cuts if congress first passed a balanced budget amendment to the institution. meanwhile, senate leaders are putting aside a last ditch option that would give president obama more power to push through an increase. that could clear the way for private talks between the president and speaker john boehner on how to avoid a government default in less than two weeks. >> the push for same sex marriage in maryland will have the support of the governor. the governor says he has been looking at how new york
5:25 pm
approved legislation that also protected religious freedom. a gay marriage bill passed the maryland senate this year, but later killed in the house. >> marylanders of all walks of life want the same thing for their children. they want their children to be able to live in a loving, stable, and committed home. a home that is protected equally under the law. >> today president obama formerly ended don't ask, don't tell, a ban on gay serving openly in the military. leon pinetta and mike mullins signed the notice. 60 days from now, the ban will be lifted. an overwelming response to a petition giving maryland residents the slight to vote on another issue. 132,000 people signed a petition on the issue of allowing illegal imcongratulates to receive in state t. certified nearly 109,000 signatures, which is a record 82%. the issue will be on the ballot
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next november. supporters needed 55,000 signatures. >> one local boy living with something most of us can't imagine. multiple seizures every month. having a service dog would be a huge help. wait until you hear how he is raising money to have that happen. >> here's something you don't see happen very often in the middle of july. an empty playground. the kids are all inside. it's just too hot. >> hot and even some thunderstorms out there this evening. some severe weather, we have a thunderstorm warning in effect for warren county and frederick county, virginia. there's been damage out there. wind the primary concern. we'll show you the radar coming up in a bit with a full forecast just ahead. it's going to stay hot for quite a while. stay with us. fox 5 news at 5:00 will continue. 
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this is fox 5 news at 5:00. more now on our top story.
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the extreme heat in our area. we are going to do it all over again tomorrow under the same warnings starting at 10:00 a.m. temperatures today soaring over 100 degrees with the heat index reaching an unbearable 121 degrees. we haven't seen this type of heat in 30 years. the air quality also bad. code red today. folks try to cope with the heat, dc, maryland, and virginia set up cooling centers. we have information on our website. go to the pictures tell the story. if you're inside right now watching tv, you are one of the lucky ones. beth parker has the latest now from outside in arlington. >> i am in arlington at lyon village park and as you can see, if you have to be outside, this is a place to be. it's hot enough to feel like the jungle, but this tiger and his friends are staying cool. nature lessons at brown summer
5:31 pm
camp in alexandria have been moved inside. these soon to be kindergarteners are playing a refreshing game of freeze. the sign on the door says code red today. at brown, there's one thing they are doing outside. that is swimming. the thermometer by the pool says it's just over 100. >> have you noticed it's on the hot side? >> yeah, very hot. >> burning hot here. >> it's like you are in some sort of desert. >> there is a little complaining from the kids. >> we like to play basketball and baseball and we want to go up on the field and play. it's hard because we aren't allowed to go outside and play any activities. >> this happens a couple times every summer. it is something we are prepared for. the kids want to be outside playing, so we try to get as creative as possible. different fun things that they can do inside. >> children do realize how serious intense heat can be. >> i have heard some people
5:32 pm
passed away because of this very strong heat. >> they told me to drink lots of water. >> not far away in arlington, the long scheduled air- conditioning replacement project comes at a rough time. the county senior center in the building's basement. >> n44. >> is helping residents who are briefly without ac stay cool. >> we are letting them come down and sit and we are trying to give them something to do to keep them busy. >> the message is clear. >> when you get home, you're like oh my gosh. i can't wait that i'm home. now this playground closes at 8:00 and you can bet that these kids will be ready for bed. unfortunately though, they will wake up to the same kind of heat tomorrow morning. in arlington, beth parker, fox 5 news. > viewers are sharing their tips on how they are staying
5:33 pm
cool. lana robinson posted on our facebook wall that she is putting a bag of ice on her neck. nick writes, the kids and i are getting buckets of water and having water fights. and roxanne writes, i put towels, blankets, anything over the windows to keep the sun out and the central air is going full force. we want to know what you are doing to beat this extreme heat. you can like myfoxdc on facebook and join in on the conversation. a local boy is raising money in hopes to raise awareness. evan suffers from seizures. a condition so debilitating, he sleeps between his parents so one of them can respond immediately when the next seizure strikes. a specially trained service dog would help, but the family doesn't have enough money to buy one. they are joining us to offer plan to raise money to get this new service dog. evan and lisa, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very having us.
5:34 pm
>> how expensive is a service dog? >> we are going with an organization called for paws for ability and the cost of the service dog is $22,000. >> that's a lot of money. >> it is. it is. and they ask that any family who is a recipient of a dog help them offset the fund of fund raising $13,000 of it. >> you have come up with a creative way to go about raising the money. tell us about your plans. >> so evan wrote a book about what he expects life to be like with a service dog. a seizure dog specifically and we have published it and selling it as a fundraiser to raise money for the training and care of his dog. >> how awesome. evan is holding up a copy. it is called my seizure dog by evan moss. it's not only evan's words, but evan's illustrations as well. evan, earlier i asked if you could find your favorite page in the book and read a little
5:35 pm
bit. >> okay. if you mind at all, my top two. >> top two would be fabulous. >> okay, so the seizure dog will eat pizza with me. if i go to outer space, the seizure dog will come too. >> that would be wonderful. what evan is talking about in the book. it talks what his life would be like if he had a seizure dog. we can sort of hear about the fun things, eat pizza and go to outer space. talk about how the seizure dog would make a difference for you guys, lisa. >> one of the big things it would do is give us an extra pair of eyes. evan's seizures happen in his sleep, as you mentioned, and we always have to give him an emergency medication to stop the seizure. so the seizure dog would help alert, or respond to a seizure
5:36 pm
by coming and getting us. it would also give evan greater independence. i know at some point he isn't going to want to be with us anymore. >> a list of how critically important seizure dogs are helpful to someone like evan. we see some of the things like giving him a balance. providing extra support after a seizure. in a crowd, he is tethered to the dog, which is a second lead used to secure evan safely. evan, i was going to ask you, the trainers name the dog. how excited are you about getting a dog to help out? >> well, i'm really excited and -- i'm really excited and excited about getting it. >> well how does it feel to be a published author? >> it feels great and actually
5:37 pm
it is being my dream about -- i have multiple. that is one and also one is being a famous author. >> i think you are already half way to achieving all of your goals. lisa, let me ask you. you are going to be doing a book signing. where can they go? >> the book signing is at the coffee shop in alexandria, virginia, on telegraph road. it's sunday from 1:00 to 3:00. >> all right, if you want to go out and meet the famous author, evan moss, and pick up his book to help them raise the $13,000 they need to get evan this dog to certainly change his way of life. that's where you can go and check them out. we'll put it on
5:38 pm
evan, thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> lisa, thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. 
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if you missed the royal wedding, you can see the wedding dress that kate middleton wore. the dress, shoes, and veil are all on display at buckingham palace. the annual ten week opening. the outfit is expected to be the main attraction. it worked very well in the environment of westminster abby. it looked absolutely stunning. what people will see when they come to view the dress is how beautiful the detail is. >> in case you are hoping to run into kate or her ma jeesty majesty, she spends this time
5:42 pm
in scotland. she was having a pregnancy which is not unusual. she showed the signs of pregnancy, but is not expecting a cub. no baby giant pandas, but there are four new red pandas born in june. two were born at the zoo, two more at a national zoo facility in front royal, virginia. so at least we have some new additions. >> we have some pandas. they are just red pandas. they are all cute. >> yeah, that's okay. >> all right, the weekend is finally here, but the question is, will this crazy heat keep you from enjoying your days off? >> it will me. we'll find a way. >> air-conditioning. positive thinking. gary is tracking the temperatures and the storms. your full forecast is coming up next.  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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the heat is on. we're talking about the nfl and its players. what we thought was forward progress has now stalled. lindsey murphy joins us now with the latest on the nfl lockout. >> the holding pattern continues. owners approved an agreement, but the players have not voted on it. the problem is, players have some sticking points that need to be addressed. last night commissioner roger goodell addressed the media. the players don't think so. apparently there was language in the proposal which was not what the players agreed to when they met on wednesday. according to reports, players still want the owners to budge on two main issues. first they would like a clause to opt out seven years into the proposed ten year agreement and number two, the players want to all right to team facilities to vote in person on recertifying as a union. it has now been reported that an e-mail went out to the players this afternoon telling
5:47 pm
them that player reps plan to meet on monday, but now talks will continue through the weekend. now remember, the owners have set a tuesday deadline for the players to vote on the proposal and recertify as a union. shawn, this story kind of changing every five to ten minutes here. we are trying to stay on top of it. >> i'm on edge. >> they need to get this done. >> lindsey murphy, thank you. today on fox 5 morning news. sherry lee spent the morning in silver spring talking about the heat. she was out there for hours next to that fountain of water. sherry couldn't take it anymore. take a look. >> this has been inviting to me all day. hey, i did talk to the management here. they cleared me to get in. i'm not going to get arrested. and here we go. oh, that feels good. i have layers on, so this is g rated, guys.
5:48 pm
>> i was wondering about that, too. thanks for clearing that up for us, sherry. she had to be hot standing out there for hours. what a perfect way to cool off. >> yeah. a little worried about the white top, too. >> i'm concerned, apparently the equipment held up all right, too. >> that's what they would have gotten her for. >> got to check with management about that. >> it is still hot outside, but the clouds kind of kept the sun away and humidity was lower. it felt like that. >> you experience an outflow boundary. >> okay, an outflow boundary. >> first time for everything. >> that's the technical word for a little cold front that came out of a thunderstorm. almost a micromezoscale. a cold front that came through. we are always trying to exchange a term and ideas. brian bolter knows all about this stuff.
5:49 pm
he's our junior weather man. but anyway, that's why it's nice to have a couple of thunderstorms around when the heat index is pushing 120 degrees pretty much area wide. some of those thunderstorms have calmed down. we still have some, primarily out to the west of us. what is lingering, you see front royal. this storm has been coming down i-81 here and it was responsible for wind damage around winchester. blew some trees down. blew some roofs off around a golf course and now it's to the southwest. more showers, more thunderstorms out west over into west virginia, and just a little bit east of eltons there. there's a big patch of thunderstorms that we can't see. our radar doesn't see that far out into it. another way to look at this is, we'll get an idea of the big picture here. there's a cell down in prince william county and what we were
5:50 pm
just showing you. so first stop here. this is just inside the beltway. they are just across the potomac. this is dying down. it was good earlier and we had this little cell right here. basically here between gainesville and prince william county. it is drifting to the south and to the southeast. you see this little green line right there. just to the west of mt. claire. we call that a fine line on radar and that's actually the cooler air that is being pushed ahead of these storms and that's a cool front coming down out of that. that's the fine line and bringing some slightly cooler temperatures. if you are down in prince william county, we are feeling that. back into west virginia, this is petersburg, west virginia. we have flash flood warnings out here. simply because the rain is coming down at such a high rate. there's a will the of available moisture in the atmosphere. you know that because the heat
5:51 pm
index has been so high and the dew points are very, very high. very sticky out there and slow movers. they are producing a lot of rain fall and one last stop, this is a storm between front royal and wood stock. this is just inside of i-81. it is weakening quite a bit, but it is beginning to continue to produce the wind and then look at the updraft here as we look at these on sental radar. so the storms in west virginia are the strongest storms with healthy updrafts. they are coming down a little bit. so things are gradually weakening. one more really oppressive day. i think tomorrow we're talking again, heat index values over 105. between 105 and 115 degrees. so that one more oppressive day and things get better. look at the temperatures now. we cooled down to 97. hagerstown cooled down to 78 degrees. they cooled down more than 20
5:52 pm
degrees with that thunderstorm moving through there. fredericksburg 100. it feels like 123 for fredericksburg. that's very, very dangerous. quantico, 119. it feels like 102 in annapolis. not much of a leap there. feels like 117. hot, humid, again, excessive heat warning goes until 10:00 tonight. 8:00 for tomorrow. so it is with us again tomorrow. the heat dome is a little relief. it's going to shift off to the west and it means a slightly cooler temperatures for the east coast and the mid atlantic coming up on sunday. so slightly cooler there and it looks like we'll get cooler next week. evening thunderstorms around the area, but they will bring cooling relief. another muggy overnight. temperature gets down to 82 degrees. that's it, 82. a little cooler in the suburbs. look how quickly the heat index, feels like 100 degrees between 93 and 98 and we're back up over 100 degrees tomorrow and the heat index between 105 and 115. a little cooler on sunday, but
5:53 pm
still heat index over 100. monday, tuesday, wednesday, we're back down around 90 degrees. that will feel nice. that's where i'm going to stop. i'm not going to talk about what we may see at the end of next week. >> let's not talk about it. >> thank you gary. >> if the heat makes you think about getting away, you can't. if you book soon, you'll get a great deal on locations. brenda has the details. >> looking for a luxury vacation without the upscale price tag? the trip to summer travel on the cheap is to head where other people are not. >> you're going to get rock bottom prices, fewer crowds, and you're going to get better service. >> some destinations are as much as 70% cheaper than they are during their high season. >> travelocity like the south hampton hotel in arizona, a hot summer vacation for sure, but at a hot price. >> prices this summer are $130
5:54 pm
a night compared to over $400 a night in the high season. >> travelocity says in the caribbean, expect to pay 50% less. >> of course very high end, five star hotel. rates this summer are under $300 a night compared to over a thousand dollars a night in the winter high season. >> cancun is a popular destination year round, but travelocity says prices really drop on both air fare and hotel rates in the summer months. >> the cancun resort and spa has rates this summer from about $150 per night plus kids under 12 stay and eat free from the kids menu. >> look to your hotel for value ads like free nights, room upgrades, and resort credit. >> if you book a height and
5:55 pm
hotel, plus a 20% discount and if you book on travelocity, you'll get an additional between $50 and $100 off. >> in orlando, disney resorts offer a free ride to and from the orlando airport. eliminating the cost of a rental car just for staying on the property. >> if you decide to stay outside of disney, the waldorf is offering a $50 per night resort credit plus kids breakfast for free. >> that was fox's brenda. coming up next, president obama expected to speak at the white house in the next few minutes. no word yet on what the subject is that he will be addressing. we will bring you the latest on the news edge. and we are continuing to follow the latest developments out of norway after two terror attacks today. police believe are related. and today was the day lawmakers needed to reach a deal on the debt ceiling in order to have an agreement passed and in place by august 2. we will have
5:56 pm
the latest developments from the hill. next on the news edge at 6:00. 
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. off the top tonight, the sweltering heat breaking records making many of us miserable. sue is sweating it out just outside the fox 5 studios tonight. sue, is it getting any better? >> reporter: yes, it is. we had a rainstorm come through. it wasn't as severe as it was in other spots. while it's extremely humid, it did take some of the sizzle out of the air. and i love this thermometer. i shot the pavement and it read, 139. now it's down to 104. hey, it did help out a little bit for the time being. it has eased up. an

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